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5 Reasons Why SEO Projects Fail

Over the years I had plenty of SEO projects from small businesses to enterprise (in collaboration with other SEOs) and from publishing websites to ecommerce websites. As in life, some were successful and some failed.

Due to a certain context, I asked myself what were the reasons that make a project a failure and why other projects keep growing in time, no matter what animals Google is unleashing from the cage.

So far, here are the main reasons that I managed to find:

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9 years later

In 2005 I started this blog. At that time I had no clear goal with it, beside experimenting and trying to learn as much as possible. Now, 9 years later, a few jobs later and plenty of projects later I feel it’s time for a new stage. A stage where this place is a place for others to learn and grow. A place where past and future clients and other freelancers can come and find valuable information.

So. Let’s start