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SEO Reporting

SEO reporting is one of the most essential elements of the SEO process. Without it, there is no way to know the history of a website and its pain points, you don’t know where are you going and if you are keeping the course and at what speed. Without it, the client is never aware of what is paying and the collaborations are short-lived.

Most of the tools in the SEO arsenal have at least some basic reporting capabilities while others try to provide complex white label SEO reports. While automated SEO reports are a good approach when you are providing basic services at scale, for me, as a personalized SEO consultancy provider, custom handcrafted reports are more suitable.

In this section, you will learn details about how I approach SEO reporting from creating custom SEO Dashboards (Data Studio SEO Dashboards or Spreadsheets), to real-life examples and case studies.

Real Estate SEO: Queries Segmentation in Data Studio

As I mentioned in the previous article on Data Studio SEO Dashboard, one advantage of Data Studio is that it allows you to personalize your existing data with custom dimensions and segment the data based on them. This is where the real power of Data Studio starts to show.

The inspiration for this model is this great article by Lee Hurst (in fact, this is the article that has shown me the beauty and flexibility of Data Studio and motivated me on creating my own SEO Dashboards). Because for almost a decade my freelancing practice had a major part of Real Estate SEO (United States/ Canada/ Dubai /Romania), this was the vertical where I first saw the opportunity to use this model of query segmentation in my SEO reporting process.

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Advanced SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio

From the start, this is not an entry-level article on how to create an SEO Dashboard report using Data Studio. There are already a few well-organized guides to get you started with Data Studio in SEO (that helped me A LOT in the early days), and here are a few to get you started:

This is an article meant to give inspiration for medium to advanced professionals but also for business owners/marketers looking for an advanced SEO Dashboard in Data Studio to add to their SEO reporting model.

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Why is SEO reporting essential in the SEO process?

Without SEO reporting, the client is not aware of the benefits provided and contracts can be cut short

What are the elements that shouldn’t be missing from SEO reporting?

Mandatory elements are organic traffic and positions.

What other elements should I use in my reports?

Both Google Analytics and Search Console offer plenty of pieces of information that you can use. For example speed performance (GA) or the number of impressions/keywords from Search Console.

The numbers look bad. What should I do?

Take it as an opportunity. If the numbers are low, there is a cause. Identify the cause as part of the SEO process and the fix will be appreciated by the client.

In the SEO reporting should I just show the numbers and graphs?

Never! Always attach to the SEO Dashboards/Reports an executive summary. Any uninterpreted data will be used against you 🙂