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SEO Dashboard

A customizable SEO Dashboard is a mandatory element in any kind of SEO process but especially in SEO Consulting. Without one, the process is less transparent for the end beneficiary, SEO reporting is limited but also makes it harder (if not absolutely impossible) to make any kind of progress.

In our days, almost any tool from the free Google Analytics and Search Console to premium SEO Tools shows at least a basic form of a dashboard for each project. While these are a good starting point, there are a few limitations worth mentioning:

  • Looking at multiple dashboards from multiple services make you miss the bigger picture, the context, and relations between data
  • Presenting screenshots of existing dashboards make you look unprofessional in the eyes of the client
  • They don’t fit personalized workflows and either shows irrelevant data/metrics or miss customizable KPIs

To solve these issues, customizable SEO Dashboards are the recommended solution. Depending on your experience, budget, and requirements you have a wide range of tools at your disposal (EX: Excel/Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft BI, Google Data Studio, etc.).

In the early days of my personalized SEO Dashboards, I started with Google Spreadsheets and gradually improved on them as my SEO Blueprint evolved and currently I am using a mix of Google Spreadsheets and Google Data Studio Dashboards.

In this section, you will find templates and vertical personalized examples that I use for my clients.

Real Estate SEO: Queries Segmentation in Data Studio

As I mentioned in the previous article on Data Studio SEO Dashboard, one advantage of Data Studio is that it allows you to personalize your existing data with custom dimensions and segment the data based on them. This is where the real power of Data Studio starts to show.

The inspiration for this model is this great article by Lee Hurst (in fact, this is the article that has shown me the beauty and flexibility of Data Studio and motivated me on creating my own SEO Dashboards). Because for almost a decade my freelancing practice had a major part of Real Estate SEO (United States/ Canada/ Dubai /Romania), this was the vertical where I first saw the opportunity to use this model of query segmentation in my SEO reporting process.

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Advanced SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio

From the start, this is not an entry-level article on how to create an SEO Dashboard report using Data Studio. There are already a few well-organized guides to get you started with Data Studio in SEO (that helped me A LOT in the early days), and here are a few to get you started:

This is an article meant to give inspiration for medium to advanced professionals but also for business owners/marketers looking for an advanced SEO Dashboard in Data Studio to add to their SEO reporting model.

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Questions about SEO Dashboards:


How to create an SEO Dashboard

First of all define KPIs that you want to track. After that, connect your data in Google Data studio and arrange it in a meaningful (both for you and the client) way. Have a look at this free example on how you can structure your data

What elements need to be included in an SEO Dashboard?

Traffic data (with an accent of organic traffic) and positions

What data sources are recommended for an SEO Dashboard?

At least Google Analytics, Search Console and ranking positions?

Are the free tools (Google Spreadsheets/Data Studio) enough?

For my needs, they have been more than enough. Premium tools don’t necessarily offer more features (more than often they don’t) but they rather target users that need a quick overview