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Real Estate SEO: Queries Segmentation in Data Studio

As I mentioned in the previous article on Data Studio SEO Dashboard, one advantage of Data Studio is that it allows you to personalize your existing data with custom dimensions and segment the data based on them. This is where the real power of Data Studio starts to show.

The inspiration for this model is this great article by Lee Hurst (in fact, this is the article that has shown me the beauty and flexibility of Data Studio and motivated me on creating my own SEO Dashboards). Because for almost a decade my freelancing practice had a major part of Real Estate SEO (United States/ Canada/ Dubai /Romania), this was the vertical where I first saw the opportunity to use this model of query segmentation in my SEO reporting process.

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Advanced SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio

From the start, this is not an entry-level article on how to create an SEO Dashboard report using Data Studio. There are already a few well-organized guides to get you started with Data Studio in SEO (that helped me A LOT in the early days), and here are a few to get you started:

This is an article meant to give inspiration for medium to advanced professionals but also for business owners/marketers looking for an advanced SEO Dashboard in Data Studio to add to their SEO reporting model.

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Search Analytics Report: The new GWT keyword report

A few days ago I’ve been granted access in one of my accounts to the new Search Analytics Report on Google Webmaster Tools. Previously named Google Search impact, this is gradually rolling out to random webmasters.

I didn’t know about the Alpha and when I first saw the report, first reaction was cursing. This is because what you’ll see on the first glimpse, is that you no longer have access to all the keywords but only to the top 999. While this might not seem like a big problem, in fact it is. After Google restricted access to keywords in all the analytic tools, I found refuge on the GWT reports and found the data there to be more efficient. Was more efficient, because you had access to all the keywords your website was ranking for and was a very good way to plan an optimization strategy on important keywords placed on page 2.

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